Monday, January 12, 2009

Asking YOU to Out-Give Flip Video

Ever since local designer and young adults pastor Adam Walker-Cleaveland managed to get a free Flip Mino HD for review on his blog, I was filled with an unusual optimism that I could do the same.

Review of Flip minoHD from Adam Walker Cleaveland on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, I was dead wrong: it took less than 24 hours for the request to come back, eviscerated. Here's their response, in its entirety:

Thanks for your interest in Flip Video. We get dozens of requests each day from media outlets, organizations and other users for review units and unfortunately do not have the resources to fulfill your request at this time.

Warm regards,

[Name Withheld]

So now I turn to the public, the Hoi Poloi, and ask you: can you out-give Flip Video? I've added the model we're looking to acquire to my wish list on the sidebar -- and to the person or group that finds it in their hearts to be so generous, I will offer with gratitude your choice of:

- free advertising (contingent on our willingness to be associated with the brand/product/group, of course) on every produced video for the year 2009

- a personalized Haiku

- any combination of the above items

So who's up for some philanthropy? I anxiously await your reply.

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