Monday, January 5, 2009

Cultivating a Good Earth!

Here it is, for your viewing pleasure and spiritual enrichment, 11 glorious minutes of vision for the 2009 ministry season at KidVenture Family Ministry at Sequoyah Community Church:

Vision 2009: Cultivating a Good Earth from John O'Hara on Vimeo.

If you made it through the entire video you get a cookie.  Actually, I'm quite excited about the year in front of us, not just for Sequoyah but for everyone privileged to work with kids.  We live in a fairly mussed-up world, and a clear strategy for making a difference absolutely must include a dedicated investment in up-and-coming generations.

I'm hopeful that, as people begin to coalesce around the basic idea that kids and families and how they develop are essential to the long-term development of a society, more ideas and resources will be directed at how to do spirituality among kids -- not as an afterthought, or as a marketing strategy, but because it's our sacred trust and the future literally hangs in the balance.

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