Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Going to MacWorld Expo tomorrow

yes, I'm going to MacWorld Expo tomorrow on 12seconds.tv

And to think that only a couple of years ago I was a PC user.  I'm not much of an evangelist for retail products, but I'm one of those classic examples of someone who made the switch and has just fallen head-over-heels for the GUI (that's graphic user interface for you non-geeks).  And the fact that the system is far more stable than Windows Vista.  And the fact that my street cred has gone up exponentially simply by opening up my macbook in public spaces like Peet's.  I lost body fat, gained muscle tone, my acne went away and I spontaneously learned origami.  I could go on.

And now the stake in my official geek tent has been driven into the ground: I'm trekking to MacWorld at Moscone Center tomorrow morning, to see what there is to see at the trade show floor.  Being a man of no means by all means and no king of the road, I opted for the free base-level pass that gives me access to the convention hall but no actual events.  So it will be a lot of walking around and visiting vendors.  I'm secretly holding out hope that a vendor will be giving away free full versions of software, or that I'll win a brand new 15" MacBook Pro with no strings attached, or that Steve Jobs will run into me and give me a million bucks or at least a day pass to visit Pixar's studios in Emeryville.  

If anyone out there wants to get updates from my trip, I'll be tweeting at http://twitter.com/oharaville.  If you're really entrepreneurial you can even buy me the 12seconds.tv iPhone app so it's a full-immersion multimedia experience.  

On to loftier themes next time, to be sure.  Geek-out session ended.

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