Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Struggling to Redeem an Ugly Experience

I'm an angry man.  Angry because my property and the tranquility of my home were violated, angry because my wife is working hard to keep our house and doesn't need this stress, angry that we have to pay a deductible and replace what was taken from us.

All because someone thought it was reasonable to break into my car.

I found out today that there has been a rash of exactly the same crime happening in our little townhouse community, along with home invasions throughout the county of Alameda.  While this brings little comfort, there is something healthy about knowing we're sharing in the sufferings of our neighbors.  

Even as I write this thought down, I realize there are expanding horizons of fellowship in suffering we have yet to taste -- our neighbors in East Oakland and Gaza, Baltimore and Calcutta and Darfur.  

How often am I moved to compassion when the least of my neighbors is in a ditch?  Why do these emotions rise in me only now that I'm the one who has been hit with injustice?

Lord, help my unbelief.  Use this experience to deepen my rootedness in Your Love.

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  1. Sorry ... when i read the twitter i did pray... Lord restore.... all that was taken, including peace...